Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spread the Word to End the Word

Today, March 6th, is a HUGE, EXTRAVAGANT, TREMENDOUS, MASSIVE, and MAGNIFICENT day for individuals with disABILITIES! All around the state of Delaware, assemblies and banner signings were happening!

My sister and friend, Amy, were invited to speak at several local high schools and shared their story this past week. My sister ranted and raved about how honored she was and how wonderful all the students were!

Then today I started my shadowing journey. I'm enrolled in a class where I am partnered with an adult with a disability and mentor him/her through this semester. This is new to me as all my past experiences have been with elementary aged children. Today I met with 3 people- 2 being coaches I was shadowing and their student. Let me just share, this particular student had some significant speech impairments and my worst fear is not being able to understand. Well today, I somewhat surpassed that fear as I quickly caught onto her speech.

Half way through the session, we made our way to the dining hall to sign the Spread the Word to End the Word banner and convince some people to join in. By the end of the session, I was off with the student working 1:1 asking others to come sign the banner! Let me just tell you, this hour of experience was so rewarding and again, reassured myself I chose the right major. I LOVE MY JOB!

Here's some pictures of the past weeks speaking engagements and todays fun!!

This years posters that were displayed around the state of Delaware! 

Best Buddies program at a local high school!
*Photo compliments of Shawn*

Shawn, Amy and Kayla signing one of many banners!
*Photo compliments of Special Olympics Delaware: Project Unify*

The fabulous four!
*Photo compliments of Laura*

Students from a local high school chatting it up with Natalie
*Photo compliments of Shawn*

Giving their speech!
*Photo compliments of Special Olympics Delaware: Project Unify*

Student from a local Ursuline High School and Natalie
*Photo compliments of Rick and Amy*

Group from Ursuline High School with Natalie and Kayla
*Photo compliments of Rick and Amy*

Reminder #1: The r-word hurts, a lot. I know I'm guilty of using it, but I pledged to take it out of my vocabulary. Look at all these others words you could use. 

Reminder #2: If you were unable to sign a banner, you may pledge online here!

Reminder #3: Don't forget the next big date this month... 3.21 

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